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Diana Patient Art Water

Artwork: Diana Patient

Be Like Water

10 - 02 - 2023

A solo piano album inspired by water, meditating on its role in transferring energy around the world, its multi-faceted beauty, and its increasing volatility.


Each piece is a snapshot of the element at a point in the cycle, trying to capture its character at a given moment, be it streaming, lapping, evaporating or falling.  It is intended as music to encourage a feeling of wonder at the natural world, and of our small and precarious place within it.


Track Listing:

9. Streams within Streams

1. Springs

8. Towards Earth

2. Nexus

7. Dust in Clouds

3. Falls

6. Sublimation

4. Shallows

5. White Horses

I began writing Be Like Water in Spring of 2020, in a time of great change and uncertainty.  When Covid hit I was working away from home but felt lucky to be locked down in the countryside near Stratford-upon-Avon in a cottage near the river. 


Each day I walked by the water before playing for hours and I think it began to dominate my focus.  I was in awe and almost jealous of it as it ceaselessly flowed, oblivious to human concern.  I realised I was writing to escape myself, and this affected my compositional philosophy; I wanted to start with a seed of an idea and let it flow organically - almost without my influence - so I played and played and let the pieces develop through long sessions of improvisation.  


Be Like Water as a title came later on, and seemed to bind the subject, my situation, and the practice of creating this music neatly together.  It's a philosophy about being flexible in both mind and body and not being rigid and stubborn in your beliefs or understanding. Instead, it's about being open-minded and able to change and adapt to your circumstances, which felt especially pertinent given the times we were in.  

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