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Be Like Water

24th Feb

Proceeds from tonight will be donated to the Red Cross emergency appeal

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athos is the project of brothers, Anthony & Demetri Kastellani. With a background in Classical music, their common education of Greek Cypriot folklore and soundtrack music has informed much of their recent work. Within the frame of 'slow music' their sound exists as a form of devotional yearning, resounding in a harmony of bond and blood.

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athos are releasing their debut album 'To Know Where It's Going' this Spring. Listen to their first single from the album, 'Well', and follow them here:

Oliver Hamilton

Oliver is a musician based in South East London. The piece being performed this evening is for solo violin, voice and tape recorder. It draws on folk, classical and free improvisation and is a style developed through his solo work and collaborations with different bands. 
Tonight he is playing with Daniel S Evans, who is using live tape recordings and has helped shape the piece.

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Oliver plays with several bands including Shovel Dance Collective, listen to their new album, 'The Water is the Shovel of the Shore' here:

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David Ridley

David is a multi-disciplinary composer and musical director based in Nunhead. He creates music for a wide range of projects, including creating scores for film/TV projects alongside his long-term writing partner Aaron May.

Be Like Water is David's debut solo album and is inspired by water, meditating on its role in transferring energy around the world, its multi-faceted beauty, and its increasing volatility.


Each piece is a snapshot of the element at a point in the cycle, trying to capture its character at a given moment, be it streaming, lapping, evaporating or falling.  It is intended as music to encourage a feeling of wonder at the natural world, and of our small and precarious place within it.

Diana Patient Art Water

Artwork: Diana Patient

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